Hydrogen Peroxide


Hydrogen Peroxide

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500 ml @  400.00

For Consumer: 1 Unit
For Dealer: 6 Units
For Distributer: 24 Units
For Bulk: 100 Units

Hydrogen peroxide

Benefits of Hydrogen Peroxide

Clean and disinfect your fruits and vegetables an d keep them fresh for long time.

Clean and disinfect your home appliances, itchen tools, bathroom, tooth brush, baby clothes, toys personal gadgets,clothes & masks etc.

Whiten almost anything from fingernails to grout

Kill mols and mildew

Treat plants with fungal infections

Many other uses in gardens


How  to use:

To clean fruits & vegetables: put 10ml of this H2O2 solution for 1-liter(plz use 10ml H2O2: 1 liter water as per requirement) and dip for 15 minutes n clean again with clean water.

To clean & disinfect: make a solution of 20ml H2O2 with 450ml water and fill in aspray bottle. Now you can use to clean and disinfect gadgets & other things.


500 ml Rs 400


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