Flax Seed

flax seed
flax seed

Flax Seed

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1 Kg. @  750.00

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For Consumer: 1 Unit
For Dealer: 6 Units
For Distributer: 24 Units
For Bulk: 100 Units


1. Flaxseeds Are Loaded With Nutrients
2. Flaxseeds Are High in Omega-3 Fats
3. Flaxseeds Are a Rich Source of Lignans, Which May Reduce Cancer Risk
4. Flaxseeds Are Rich in Dietary Fiber
5. Flaxseeds May Improve Cholesterol
6. Flaxseeds May Lower Blood Pressure
7. They Contain High-Quality Protein
8. Flaxseeds May Help Control Blood Sugar
9. Flaxseeds Keep Hunger at Bay, Which May Aid Weight Control
10. Flaxseeds Can Be a Versatile Ingredient

Flax seed 1kg @ 750,  Roasted Flax seed 1kg @  850,  Roasted flax seed powder 1kg @ 950


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