Fenugreek seed oil

fenugreek seed oil

Fenugreek seed oil

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100ml @  550.00

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Fenugreek seed oil ( मेथी को तेल )


Health benefits

Acne: It works well for acne
Weight loss: It could have a optimistic role in supporting weight reduction.
Irritated skin: It helps for irritated skin
Expel mucus: This really is quite useful in conditions that results in a productive cough, just like bronchitis
Diabetes: It increases the glucose intolerance and also can reduce blood glucose levels.
Boils: It is ideal for removing boils and other alike conditions.
Aromatherapy: It is utilized in aromatherapy for ushering in several healing actions.
Massage: It is a superb additive to the massage treatment.
Kidney health: It helps you to restore normal kidney health.
Breast enlargement: It is extreamly well-known in breast firming as well as enlarging products.
To get rid of dandruff: It might help to decrease dandruff.

Fenugreek Seed Oil 100ml @550/-, 500ml Rs. 2050


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