Wild Turmeric

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Wild Turmeric

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125 gm @  550.00

For Consumer: 1 Unit
For Dealer: 6 Units
For Distributer: 24 Units
For Bulk: 100 Units

Wild Turmeric ( cosmetics Turmeric- kasturi haldi)

1. It helps in getting rid of unwanted facial hair.
2. It improves skin complexion and reduces dark Circles
3. It removes excessive oil from the skin and helps ingetting rid of Blemishes
4. It keeps the skin soft and smooth
5. It slow down  the aging process and gives a young look to the skin
6. It is a herbal cure for Cancers like Colon, Abodmen, Liver, Breast, Testes, Pancreas, Uterus, Cervix, Breast Cancer Leukemia.
7. It combats the problems of Poor Blood Circulation.
8. It is effective in curing Mentrual Disorder.
9. It reduces the Pain during Menses and Prevents the formation of Blood Clots..



125 gm Rs 550



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